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About Octavo Press

Octavo Press is a specialty publisher created to work with bloggers and other online writers who want to get their work from the web to print and into distribution quickly and efficiently. We take your work and provide editing, design and distribution services and can arrange to get your book printed and into the distribution channel. We also offer publicity and promotion services.

We are not a vanity press. We don’t take upfront payments or charge high fees to publish your book. We publish only those books which meet our editorial standards and which we think have a reasonable expectation of commercial viability and which will reflect positively on the reputation of the Octavo Press imprint.

We pay you royalties based on sales of your book, on a sliding schedule based on the volume of sales. The higher your sales the higher the royalty which we pay. This lets us cover our production expenses

Our design team has been in the specialty publishing business for almost 30 years and they have the skills and resources to give your written work the presentation it deserves

Octavo Press was founded by game designer, author and font designer Dave Nalle. Dave has been involved in publishing for decades as a writer, editor and publisher. He has headed up a number of publishing houses including Ragnarok Press and Stone Ring Games. He is the former editor of Liberty and Abyss Magazine. His main business right now is Scriptorium Fonts whose fonts are everywhere from Godsmack t-shirts to the packaging for Pirates of the Carribean action figures. With his 30 years of experience and a team of skilled editors and designers, Octavo Press will give your book the presentation it deserves.

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