Wesley Messamore interviews Ron Paul this Sunday, June 5th at 6pm Eastern

I am extremely humbled and excited to announce that I will be interviewing one of the most, if not the most influential man in this era of U.S. politics– Congressman Ron Paul! I daresay this is the most exciting and rewarding milestone yet in my short career as an independent journalist and libertarian blogger.

The interview will be part of my two-hour segment in the all-day radio marathon Sunday to promote Ron Paul’s June 5th Moneybomb. You can listen to my interview with Ron Paul and my three other guests (bestselling author Bruce Fein, AntiWar.com editor Scott Horton, and grassroots activist and campaign consultant Bill Greene) by visiting LegalizeGoldAndSilver.com starting at 5pm Eastern this Sunday, June 5th. Ron Paul will be on at 6pm Eastern.

If you want to catch our other awesome hosts and their distinguished guests, tune in even earlier and listen all day! We’ll keep you updated on the moneybomb donation totals as they skyrocket throughout the day. You absolutely will not want to miss this interview!

(A special thanks to my friend Tim for promoting this!)

And now a brief word about the moneybomb itself:

Visit LegalizeGoldAndSilver.com:

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