Our MapMaker PLUS CD package now includes a large selection of high-quality maps. These are mostly historical maps from the ancient world to the Victorian era, including contemporary antique maps from various periods. It also includes urban maps and plans of major cities from a variety of historical periods, plus selected fantasy world maps for roleplaying games.

To view samples of most of the maps, use the link to the left. Some of the samples are from TIFF file sources and may not reproduce perfectly on the web.

The collection includes exceptional maps by antique designers like Abraham Ortelius and Willem Blaeu, plus some of the most remarkable early maps like the Anglo Saxon world map, ancient Greek world maps, Viking maps of the new world and some great 17th and 18th century road and city maps. It also features geophysical maps, climate charts and blank map templates, plus detailed modern maps of historical periods. There's a little bit of everything to bring the world of the past to life.

Also included on the CD is a special selection of map design elements for designing your own color maps in the style of classic cartographers. In combination with our cartographic fonts, these elements include textures, cartouches, decorations, geographical features and everything you need to make an original map that looks truly antique.

Our complete map collection sells for $99, but this selection of over 100 of the best maps from the collection is only $79 together with all the great fonts in the MapMaker package and the special design elements. These maps are sure to provide source material and inspiration for all sorts of designs.

To order just call...

(01-512-472-6535)for additional ordering info, click on the Scriptorium link to the left