DHS Admits the TSA is Worthless

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In  a recent audit of airport security, Department of Homeland Security Inspector General John Roth found that the TSA is continuing to practice slipshod management of its technology and data, a problem for which it was previously criticized.

Toth said that the “TSA is abusing its stewardship” of flyer’s personal information and that it’s practice of redacting information will not “make us safer and simply highlight the inconsistent and arbitrary nature of decisions that TSA makes” which he said is “more evidence that TSA cannot be trusted to administer the program in a reasonable manner.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg with the TSA, one of the most consistently unpleasant points of contact between the government and the public.  Their other failures are legendary, from making at 82 year old breast cancer patient strip to the waist to paying an enormous price for a pointless and unnecessary iPad app to their ongoing practice of hiring immigrant workers with inadequate background checks.

Like so much that the TSA does this is evidence of gross incompetence and negligence, and this from an agency which has never actually caught a terrorist or stopped an attack.

The truth is that the TSA cannot be trusted to provide airport security and only the fact that terrorists are no longer targeting air travelers and the implementation of better security measures on board planes are actually keeping us safe. The price we pay in loss of privacy and dignity isn’t worth it for security theater.

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