This site was conceived as an answer to sites like the ridiculous InfoWars.com, to counter their paranoia and conspiracy mongering with a bit of parody and a lot of common sense. Right now it includes mostly articles I wrote over the last couple of years for The Republic of Dave, but it also includes new and revised material and will include more original articles in the future. The focus will continue to be on conspiracies, but attention will also be given to addressing other generally held fallacious beliefs.

Writing for Us

We’re looking for writers. If you have a good argument to explain or refute a conspiracy theory, we’d love to see it. Use the contact link to send us an email. We don’t pay anything, but we’ll get you some good exposure. Since the site is intended to address long-term issues, articles need not be brand new, but they should not be dated or too dependent on a specific timeframe or outdated context.