July 26, 2008

A Truther Majority?

By Dave
9/11 Myths

When talking to fanatics from the 9/11 Truth ‘movement’, one of the things they’re often proud to point out is that they’re winning people over to their viewpoint and that more and more Americans agree that 9/11 was an inside job. They’ll quote as their authority for this a Zogby poll carried out in 2007 which they claim shows that 51% of Americans share their beliefs.

Of course, as is so often the case, when you actually go to the source you find out that what the conspiracy promoters say and what is actually true are not exactly the same thing. In this case they are actually radically different.

First off, the Zogby poll (PDF). was paid for and written by the premier truther website, 911truth.org. It consisted of loaded questions asked to their specifications to produce the results they wanted. Even so, most of the results were exactly opposite of what the truthers were looking for. Here are some results from the poll which they aren’t likely to talk about:

• 57% of those polled said that the World Trade Center attack had already been thoroughly investigated and no further investigation was needed.

• When asked whether they believed that the Bush administration was involved in the 9/11 attacks, 64% responded that they believed the official story, 26% said that the administration may have known what was happening and not acted, and less than 5% agreed with Truther doctrine that the administration was actively involved in the attacks.

• When asked if Congress ought to impeach Bush and Cheney, 67% said no and less than 2% thought President Bush ought to be impeached.

• Even their prize result isn’t exactly what they present it as. Although they usually claim that 51% want an investigation because they think the government was somehow involved in or responsible for 9/11, their question is actually much broader, asking “do you agree or disagree that the Congress should investigate the executive branch’s conduct prior to, during and following the September 11 attacks?” Which is broad enough to include issues of poor intelligence gathering and response management which were part of the focus of the 9/11 Commission.

• A second question about whether people think an independent investigation of 9/11 is necessary produced a worse result so they ignore it. In response to that question 57% said that the attacks had already been thoroughly investigated and no additional investigation was needed. A higher percentage than supported an investigation in the other question. How the question is worded, with reference to the already completed congressional investigation made all the difference.

Not surprisingly, most of the results from this poll never get repeated by Truthers. They would like us to believe that they represent a growing body of thought and that the world is as outraged as they are about the secret conspiracy behind 9/11, but the truth is that even their own poll doesn’t bear out their claims. It shows that their claims that they have a popular mandate of support are as fraudulent as their theories about the attacks themselves.

Maybe it’s time for them to change their name to 9/11 Liars.

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