Whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, it's probably a time of cards and presents and decorations and parties -- that means you're going to need great fonts and art to add elegance and unique flare to your seasonal projects. The Scriptorium collection has the resources you need, including free samples and shareware demos, as well as three great holiday font and art packages and a special deal on the new release of our Holiday Collection CD.

One of the main strengths of our holiday package is its unique fonts, and now you can try some of them out for free. If you click on the link to the samples page you'll find shareware versions of a number of featured holiday fonts, plus samples of all the fonts and art on the site.

We've also collected extraordinary seasonal images, including art by amazing illustrators like Howard Pyle, N. C. Wyeth, Kay Nielsen and Arthur Rackham. Our latest additions to the collection include some seasonal Pre-Raphaelite images by Millais, Leyton and Hunt. These illustrations are ideal for any kind of holiday cards or decorations. Some samples are included on the samples page, plus we've added a special holiday color palette for use with Adobe Photoshop or other art programs. It includes a set of specially selected colors which are perfect for holiday design projects.

As a special feature this year, we've put together some ideas on how to design your own holiday cards. CLICK HERE for all the details.

Howard Pyle was one of the great illustrators of the 19th century and the founder of the Brandywine school of art. Sometimes when he was drawing his thoughts turned to angels, and the results are amazing -- some are beautiful, some are inspiring and some are terrifying. Our new collection of Angels by Howard Pyle is a great addition to your Christmas list. To see samples, just click here: ANGELS

One of the popular trends we've seen this year is an interest in Celtic art and ornament as a theme for Christmas cards and decoration. We've got a special page devoted to Celtic fonts and art, which has some excellent resources if you want to give your holidays a Celtic look. Click here to visit our Celtic page: CELTIC FONTS & ART.

If any of this interests you, just click on the link to the left to get complete info on how to order all the art and fonts you see on this site, or if you're looking for more variety, drop by the main Scriptorium site for an amazing selection of unusual fonts and art.

The complete collection is easy to order online. Just CLICK HERE!