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These days many Republicans find themselves wondering what happened to the Republican Party they grew up with.  What happened to the “party of principle” which believed in a Big Tent and the fundamental principle that government should never grow so large that it became a threat to the liberty of individual Americans.

Today’s GOP is torn apart by factionalism, dominated by extremists and special interests, lost in a wilderness of big government crony capitalism and intolerance which would have made the party’s founders sick at heart.  This is not the party of Lincoln, of Teddy Roosevelt, of Goldwater or even of Reagan.  The values which they championed have been abandoned and the party has forgotten where it came from and the ideas on which it was founded.

The party is losing members fast and has lost its appeal to the younger generation.  We’re getting old and out of touch both with our past and our future.  If the party is to survive this must change, and the answer to future success lies in the qualities which made the party great in the past.  Now is the time for Republicans who still believe in our traditions to reassert themselves and take our party back.

Let’s work together to restore our traditions and make the GOP great again.

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  • 1 Eric Dondero // Apr 19, 2008 at 10:57 pm

    I am posting a blurb about your site at We Mainstream Libertarians fully support your efforts.

    Please feel free to add us to your Blogroll of like-minded Republicans.

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