Zothique and Posada Fonts in Pixar’s Coco

The latest release from Disney’s Pixar division is a charming little film about family and the Day of the Dead called Coco. The visuals of the film are great and the storyline is quite uplifting, but for us the best part of the film came with the ending credits which featured our Zothique and Posada fonts.

These two fonts are great choices for a film with a Dia de los Muertos theme, especially the Posada font which is based on the lettering of Jose Guadalupe Posada who was particularly known for his calavera illustrations, which are central to the imagery which is associated with the celebration as it has developed in contemporary Mexican culture.

In the end credit for the film Posada is used for the names and Zothique is used for the headers. They also show up elsewhere in the film as well. You can order both of them on our ordering site at POSADA and ZOTHIQUE.

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