Zeitschrift: a Font from Ver Sacrum



Following the model of Munchner Jugend in Germany and Wendingen in the Netherlands in the period after the First World War the Secessionist movement in Austria produced Ver Sacrum, a magazine which expressed their particular take on art and design.

In addition to featuring illustrations and design work by leading artists of the era, Ver Sacrum included unique original lettering styles which have been the inspiration for many designers in later eras.  For example, our Butterfield font is based on a 1960s design inspired by a Ver Sacrum calendar.

We will be developing a Secessionist font collection and the first entry for that collection is our Zeitschrift font, based on a unique lettering style featured in the magazine.  It is a lightwight font which has nesting upper and lower case letters so that you can integrate the type into interesting designs.  It has some unusual letter forms, like R, S and B which are typical of Secessionist design styles.

You can try the DEMO version of Zeitschrift for free. It has a limited character set. You can ORDER the full version for only $24..

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