Zadkiel: Humanist Script Font


Humanistic script fonts are always popular, especially for invitations, menus and addressing envelopes. We have several other examples in our collection, including Abdiel and Hanes Italic, both of which can also be found in our Script Fonts Package, but for a recent project a client wanted something similar but different, so we went to our resources and found a nice sample of lettering in that style with some interesting quirks and created Zadkiel based on it.

Ironically it ended up not being used for the project, but their loss is your gain as we’ve now added it to our general collection.  It was originally proposed for this particular project because of it’s visual compatibility with our Barataria text font and it does make a nice combination.

You can try the DEMO version of Zadkiel for free. It has a limited character set. You can ORDER the full version for only $24..

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