Yes, You CAN Have It All!

Complete Fonts Release 23 is Here!

In the littany of amazing bargains there are few to compare with our Complete Fonts Collection. It includes every font we’ve produced from Abaddon to Zothique, which adds up to a total of close to 600 fonts. It includes our calligraphic, text, display, initials and art fonts plus other quirky and specialty fonts. To get an idea of what’s in the package the best thing is to take a look at our PDF catalog.

The latest release is version 23 of the complete fonts package and it’s a phenomenal bargain at less than $1 per font. You can also get it bundled with a subscription to our Font Club for an even better deal. The total cost for the Complete Fonts is only $499. With the Font Club membership added (normally $79 by itself) the total is only $549. You can even get it with a two year Font Club membership for $579. Try these links to get more info or buy online: Complete Fonts Collection or Complete Fonts with 1 Font Club Year or Complete Fonts with 2 Year Font Club.

If you already have an earlier edition of the complete fonts you can update to release 23 at a great price too. To uodate from release 22 is only $99. To update from release 21 is only $159. A complete update from any other earlier release is only $299.

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2 comments on “Yes, You CAN Have It All!

  1. Linda Lynch

    Way back I bought a complete Fonts package, probably when Windows 98 was still around. When you get a minute would you check your records and see when and exactly what I bought?

    I do recall calling or writing to you because I could not get the package to install on the next upgrade of OS; and I was never able to get them loaded properly again. When I locate this disk(s), do you think there will be a problem loading that vintage font disk onto my Windows 7 (or later versions)?

    Also, how out of date would that package be ie. how many fonts and artwork etc are you beyond that now?

    I hate to put out that much money again and if I can get the CDs to work on my OS Win 7 I would rather just buy selected fonts and art to make up the difference.

    One last question: Does your complete Fonts Release 23 contain absolutely everything you have available including all the artwork, borders, fonts etc?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    Linda Lynch

  2. Dave

    Theoretically the fonts should still install fine, but the contents are out of date and 14 years is way beyond the life expectancy for most CDs, though it should still work if you kept it in a dark, dry place.

    We do offer a discounted upgrade to the latest version and the Complete Fonts 23 does include all the art and border fonts, but not the color clip art and other non-font graphics we offer.

    I’d suggest giving the CD you have a try and then getting back to me by email and we’ll see what we can do based on how the install goes.

    To track down your original order I’d need your email address.


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