Windlass Font Takes to the Road

dlairI stopped into our local barbeque parlor for dinner this evening, and parked out front I found a stylishly decorated Mini Cooper wrapped with art promoting DragonsLair, Austin’s preeminent comic book and game emporium. Even better, the store logo featured on the car (one of two in a matched set) features our Windlass Font.

Because of the popularity of pirate themed books, movies and games, Windlass has recently become by far our most popular and bestselling font, supplanting Folkard which stole the title from Abaddon several years ago.

It was very cool to run into Windlass on wheels right in the little exurb of Austin where I live. It turns out that it was on the way to a live action roleplaying event at the nearby J. Lorraine Ghost Town just east of Manor, Texas.

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