Willy Pogany Borders and Illustrations from Tisza Tales

Willy Pogany was a highly regarded early 20th century illustrator. He was born in Hungary and became a naturalized American citizen. In addition to illustrating many books and being one of the outstanding pin-up illustrators of the era, he also did set designs for the Metropolitan Opera and worked as an Artistic Director on early Hollywood films. Pogany is best known for his Art Deco style illustrations of major classics like Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Wagner’s Tannhauser.

Pogany maintained his ties to Hungary by illustrating several books of Hungarian folk tales. One of those is Tisza Tales, which really stands out for the vividness of its illustrations and the striking decorative borders around every picture.

We have put together a digital collection of high resolutions versions of the illustrations from the book including all of the borders separated out and ready to use.  They would be great for greeting cards or invitations. See the samples below. You can get this special package for just $10 in our ONLINE STORE.

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