Wildflower Initials: New Font


Wildflower Initials is based on a fully developed artist’s sample of decorative book initials from the late 19th century. Complete alphabets of decorative initials from any period are quite rare because certain letters are almost never actually used in published text.

The initials consist of Art Nouveau style gothic letters superimposed on detailed sketches of different wildflowers. Each letter image is unique. The result is relatively primitive but attractive and the decorations could easily be enhanced with color for a more dramatic effect.

As with all initials fonts, the characters are in the upper case position and as the font is complex it may cause memory problems on some computers.

You can try the DEMO version of Wildflower Initials for free. It has a very limited character set. You will be way happier if you ORDER the full version for only $24..



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2 comments on “Wildflower Initials: New Font

  1. I ordered the Wildflower demo. I can only find one letter in the demo. I read the user agreement. If I buy the font what limitations are there for using the font? Can I use it for design in another product for sale – not for selling the font. This is not a good demo.

  2. Dave

    The demo is very limitted. It just has letters abcdef. For more functionality you need to order the full font. The demo is just to give you an idea of what the font has.

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