Wild West Fonts

Our Wild West font collection features 14 fonts based on designs from the classic days of the American West (1870-1890). They are typical of the type and lettering styles used in signs, circulars, posters and newspapers during that era. The selection includes both decorative, display and text fonts. All the fonts are historically accurate and they are not available from any other source. While they are basically fonts of the Victorian era, they represent a subset of the typefaces popular in that period particularly slanted to the environmnet of the wild west, frontier newspapers and wild west shows.

The package is available for Windows or the MacOS, and includes both TrueType and Postscript fonts. It’s available for only $59 for all the fonts. You can order our Wild West fonts directly for delivery on CD or online from 1-512-656-8011, or you can purchase the package online. Just CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Plowright is a new font based on hand lettering from the 1880s. It’s a great example of the style we often associate with signmaking in the old west, with a lot of quirks and original character. Plowright is the first of a family of related fonts, and is also part of our soon to be released Wild West Fonts package. Click here to download the working trial version of Plowright for either WINDOWS or MacOS. Or you can purchase this font online and get it quickly by email, including all the alternate and additional characters – BUY IT NOW

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