What’s Going on Here at the Scriptorium

You may have noticed a lack of new fonts and new packages here over the last few weeks. The reason for this is that we have been involved in a massive site upgrade, particularly focusing on our ordering and delivery section.

This has consumed a lot of our resources and has made it impractical to put new material online. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been working – see the four new fonts at the top right. But while we can design and develop fonts we can’t put them online for you to try out until the site improvements are complete.

This has been a big pain in the neck, and also in the wallet, since new product has always driven sales around here and we are used to a pretty breakneck production schedule.

So revenue is down, and we are left with the other popular means of driving sales – a BIGASS SALE! So, for a limited time we’re offering 40% off of any order for $100 or more from our store. To get you started here is a link to our RAW LIST OF PRODUCTS – which is a big part of our current problem, because we have to enter almost 1000 items into the new ordering system. To get your discount just put $100 or more in your cart and use the code BIGASS40 on checkout.

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