Wayland, Wayland, Shoe Me My Mare!

Some while ago we added to our library an early 20th century book called Singing Games for Children which contains a dozen sets of detailed instructions for classic singing and dancing games for children – not the ones we’re familiar with today, but antique games with themes from myth and fairytales. Each game is nicely illustrated with a full-color plate and also marginalia showing the subject of the game.

Just to provide an example of the content of this fascinating book, we’ve taken one of the games and are providing it here as a free sample in PDF format. It’s called “Wayland, Wayland, Shoe Me My Mare!” It is based on a classic story from Celtic mythology and designed for boys and girls to sing in a round. At one time games like this were commonplace in schools and perhaps when we release this book as an ebook we can revive that charming tradition. For now you can get a nice sample by downloading this PDF: WAYLAND.

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