Walter Crane’s The Golden Primer

Illustrated books teaching young children how to read were a staple of 19th century education, and Walter Crane was famous for his alphabet books as well as books like The Golden Primer which were designed to teach vocabulary to slightly older children through the use of rhymes and images.

The Golden Primer is one of Crane’s harder to find works. It has not been extensively reprinted and original editions are scarce and highly collectible. We acquired a copy several years ago and in our ongoing development of resources based on Crane’s work we have now created high-quality digital versions of all of the highly decorative illustrated plates in the book.

We’ve made this into a neat little collection with a set of 33 images ready to be used for your design projects. In addition to the 26 color illustrations the package includes Crane’s black and white decorations and the four sample alphabets included for teaching the young readers how to write in different styles.

You can get the full package from our online store at a special price of just $29 with an immediate download. Just CLICK HERE

For a preview of the package, there’s the PDF Version which includes lower resolution versions of all the color images, but not the black and white decorations or alphabet designs.

We’ve also got a nice video preview:

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