Walter Crane’s The Baby’s Bouquet

We’ve done a lot of work with books designed and illustrated by Walter Crane. Two of the first we did were The Baby’s Own Aesop and The Baby’s Opera. Those two are part of a trilogy of small-format children’s books which Crane designed about the same time and the third of that set is The Baby’s Bouquet, which is a song book with a lot of familiar songs in it, similar to Pan Pipes and The Baby’s Opera.

The Baby’s Bouquet combines decorative borders on the pages with music and full-page illustrations for a total of 56 beautiful illustrated pages. The themes are childhood and bucolic scenes, featuring humorous vignettes and scenes appropriate to the musical content. The images are all high resolution and digitally cleaned up and color corrected to make them suitable for print or web use. As with all of our art packages they are licensed for you to use in your own design projects. To get an idea of the contents take a look at the samples below or the video preview above.

You can order The Baby’s Boquet and download it immediately for $39 from our ONLINE STORE or you can purchase the whole set of triplets and get it in combination with The Baby’s Opera and The Baby’s Own Aesop for a discounted combined price of just $89, also in OUR STORE.

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