Walter Crane’s Queen Summer

In our ongoing development of our extensive Walter Crane library, we continue to do digital adaptations of his most notable books. The latest of these is Queen Summer, or the Tourney of the Lilly and the Rose, an epic poem written and extensively illustrated by Crane in a charming neoclassical style. The work is reminiscent of some of Crane’s masques and dramas written for performance by the Arts and Crafts Guild, some of which are on the list to be added to our collection.

For now we’re making the full set of pages from Queen Summer available as a special mini-package at the low price of $29. It includes all the lettered and illustrated pages as high resolution graphics suitable for design projects plus a full PDF copy of the book itself. Eventually the whole thing will be included in the Walter Crane super package, including two fonts we’re developing from Crane’s lettering in the book. But for now you can get Queen Summer by itself from our online store.
Queen Summer

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