Walter Crane’s A Flower Wedding

One of the most interesting items in our extensive collection of Walter Crane illustrated books is Crane’s 1905 work A Flower Wedding, an original poem illustrated with 39 decorative full-page plates. The concept of the work is that each of the wedding guests represents a flower and is depicted with that flower incorporated in the illustration. The illustrations are detailed and done in pastel colors in keeping with the floral motif. Unlike many of Crane’s other works which feature full, framed panels, the illustrations in A Flower Wedding are more delicate and stand alone, their edges fading into the background of the page.

The illustrations are lovely. The fanciful costuming of the characters and the little details which are included are particularly memorable. Stylistically they are most similar to Crane’s Queen Summer which we released recently. The lettering of the verses is in a style very similar to our Walter Crane font. We’ve collected all of the illustrations in high resolution format with the colors adjusted and defects edited out. The package includes all the illustrations individually, as well as a handy PDF format recreation of the original book for easy reference.

You can download a PDF sampler of the package with selected illustrations, or you can get the full package with all the illustrations for just $29. It includes all the lettered and illustrated pages as high resolution graphics suitable for design projects plus a full PDF copy of the book itself. Eventually the whole thing will be included in the Walter Crane super package, including two fonts we’re developing from Crane’s lettering in the book. But for now you can get A Flower Wedding by itself from our ONLINE STORE

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