Walter Crane Wallpaper

As a special bonus to increase awareness of our great packages of Walter Crane art, we’ve put together a special collection of digital wallpaper, based on Walter Crane designs, for use on iPhones and computers.

Our Walter Crane packages include digital versions of his illustrated books Queen Summer, Pan Pipes, The Baby’s Aesop and The Baby’s Opera. That’s a lot of rich material to draw on, and to give a feel for it we’ve put together this special collection of images you can download for free.

The collection includes 6 custom images sized exactly right to fit the screen of a 15 inch laptop, but also easily adapted to similar popular sizes, though not wider movie-style screens. They should work on any Mac or Windows computer. It also includes 6 vertically oriented images scaled to fit the screen of an iPhone, specifically to work as background wallpaper on the new iPhone 4 which allows wallpaper to be displayed in many more places than the older versions. They will still work on older iPhones, but you’ll get more out of them on the new iPhone 4.

You can download these wallpaper images together in a zip file right here.

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