Walter Crane: The Baby’s Own Aesop

We’ve been collecting illustrated books by Arts and Crafts era designer Walter Crane for several years and we’re now reaching the point where we can start to release some of our Crane material in useful packages for contemporary designers who want to incorporate his unique aesthetic into their work.

Our first Crane release is a package based on The Baby’s Own Aesop, Crane’s hand lettered and fully illustrated edition of Aesop’s Fables originally published in 1887. Each page takes one tale from Aesop and presents it with illustrations, initials, borders, embellishments and decorative lettering. Our presentation of the book follows the model of our release of Howard Pyle’s Lady of Shalott. It includes a complete 60-page print-quality PDF facsimile of the book, plus high-resolution graphics of every page and illustration including the end-papers and covers. In addition there are emblems, borders, decorative elements and other resources which we have taken from the book and cleaned up and made ready to use for other purposes. All of this comes with a license allowing you to incorporate the material in your own designs and creations. The package is only $39 and you can order online and download the package immediately — but be warned, it’s a very large download.

We’re going to be following this package with other Crane packages, including a similar treatment of The Baby’s Bouquet and The Baby’s Opera which were companion pieces to The Baby’s Own Aesop. We also have a collection of fonts based on Crane lettering in development, like our recently released Crane Gothic font.

To see a sample of what is in this collection, try out the abbreviated PDF sampler which has lower resolution versions of selected images from the set. To purchase the whole package just order it online.

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7 comments on “Walter Crane: The Baby’s Own Aesop

  1. Carol Unsworth-Cardy

    I have an illustrated book by Walter Crane called Walter Crane’s Picture Book comprising of The Baby’s Opera, The Baby”s Bouquet and the Baby’s own Aesop printed by Edmund Evans London & Frederick Warne & Co 1900. This edition is Limited to 500 copies in the UK and 250 copies in USA, we have issue 342. I would be interested in selling this book but have no idea how much it is worth. Look forward to receiving your comments and assistance. regards Carol Cardy.

  2. Dave

    As a reprint of the originals in a single volume I’m afraid it doesn’t have huge value. I would search on to see if you can find another copy for sale to get an idea of the value.

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