Odyssey – Illustrated by W. Heath Robinson

W. Heath Robinson was an artist of the first half of the 20th century who started his career as a book illustrator and produced many fantasy and fairytale illustrations, including illustrating Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies. Later in his career he became a cartoonist producing humorous cartoons of fanciful weapons during the World Wars.

One of his little known works was a collection of illustrations for the Odyssey from the Told to the Children series of books. We have featured a illustrations from other books in the series by Katherine Cameron. We have collected Robinson’s Odyssey illustrations and are making them available as a mini-package of high-resolution digital reproductions licensed for you to use in your design projects. The whole set is only $5 and can be purchased in our ONLINE STORE and downloaded immediately.

If you want to see more Robinson art, check out his illustrations for Chaucer.
Click on any previews below to see a screen resolution version of the image:

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