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Vafthrudnir is a new, original font design which draws on the tradition of Germanic uncial and early gothic calligraphy. It is designed to be extra bold and somewhat rough-hewn, for use in title design, and features variant versions of many of the characters. Click here to download the working trial version of Vafthrudnir for either WINDOWS or MacOSOr you can purchase this font online and get it quickly by email, including all the alternate and additional characters – BUY IT NOW  

In previous collections we’ve tried to preserve and give access to the graphic arts traditions of groups like the Celts and Russians. This collection does the same for Ancient Germanic culture. While we call this the Viking collection, it draws on a broader scope of early Germanic design, from the pre-Christian era through the early middle ages. The sources are not limited to Scandinavia, but include the breadth of German culture from the Franks to the Saxons to the Normans and beyond.

The main component of this package is our Viking fonts. These include both fonts based strictly on historic sources and fonts which are modern interpretations of the Germanic calligraphic and inscriptory tradition. The starting point of the collection are the Futhark and Surtur fonts. These are based on historic runic inscriptions. Futhark contains the traditional runic alphabet, while Surtur adapts the style of ancient runes to the Latin alphabet. Early Germanic calligraphy was heavily influenced by the lettering of Celtic missionaries. The Volund, Koch Gothic and Martel fonts represent this early medieval tradition. Volund is a pure Germanic uncial. Koch Gothic is a hybrid of Germanic uncial and later gothic lettering styles based on lettering by Rudolph Koch. Martel is a somewhat modernized interpretaion of Frankish lettering. Two other historical fonts are Ranegund which is based on Merovingian courthand lettering from the Viking period and Altenburg which is based on northern German lettering from that same period. For ;the necessary element of practicality and a bit of fun we’ve added in Taranis, Vafthrudnir and Walhall which are modern reinterpretations of early Germanic lettering. Walhall is based on lettering by Art Nouveau designer E. Doepler. Taranis is based on an early 20th century modernized Germanic uncial which has become particularly associated with the Vikings. Vafthrudnir is a new original font based on Germanic uncial and developed by Dave Nalle. Finally, to complete the collection we have a unique set of decorative initials based on designs by A. R. Bowker which draw on the serpentine wood carving traditions of the Vikings.

While the primary component of this collection is the fonts – four of them are entirely new releases (Volund, Koch Gothic, Vafthrudnir & Fafnir) – we’ve also added some bonus items to make the collection more varied and give a taste of what’s to come in the future. These include some selected borders, frames and emblems based on designs from antique illustrated books on Germanic mythology. These include both color and black and white decorative pieces, many of which are very striking.

As we did with our Celtic collection we plan to expand this collection in the future. We will eventually add more fonts and especially additional art, including a substantial selection of illustrations of Germanic mythology by artists like Arthur Rackham and N. C. Wyeth. Future expanded releases will be available to those who get this initial release at a special discounted upgrade price.

All of our Viking fonts are available individually, or you can get the full package with all the fonts plus the selected borders and decorations for just $59. The package is compatible with both Windows or MacOS, and includes both TrueType and Postscript fonts. .You can order our Viking collection directly from our online store – CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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