New Font: Vie Moderne

Vie Moderne


Vie Moderne is a new font based on Art Deco lettering from the 1920s.  It is typical of the French Art Deco influenced fonts which were featured in association with the International Exposition of Modern and Industrial Art in Paris in 1925.

Vie Moderne includes a full character set and numbers.  The upper case characters are ornamented with Art Deco motifs and the lower case set has the bare characters.  It will eventually be included in a new Art Deco font collection based around designs from the 1925 Exposition.  But for now, if you like Art Deco design, check out our Art Deco fonts collection.

You can try the DEMO version of Vie Moderne for free. The demo version has a limited version of the character set. Or you can ORDER the full version for only $24.

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