Valdemar Appearing on New Chadbourn Novels

There’s nothing better for a font foundry than when one of your fonts gets picked up as the signature font for a brand or a product or a franchise. Sadly sometimes those big customers are fickle. Case in point being our Windlass font which got a nice boost from being used on the cover of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson books for years, and then in the titles for the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, but they dropped it from the cover of the more recent books and from the titles of the next movie, replacing it with something far more bland and generic. Not a good decision and not very loyal. Windlass took the books to the bestseller list and did great at the box office, so why not stick with it?

But some publishers are a bit more loyal, like Pyr who publish Mark Chabourn’s novels. A few years ago they started featuring our Valdemar font on his Age of Misrule series, and not only did they stick with it for the whole series, but now he has two new series out, The Dark Age and Kingdom of the Serpent, with a couple of books each, also featuring Valdemar.

Both series feature our Valdemar font for their series titles, or more specifically a combination of Valdemar and the popular companion font Valdemar Alternate. Although they have stuck with the original small caps look of the font and not used the lower case version. They have also added some variations of their own, creating a new D and a new T using elements of the I from the original font design, changes which are still consistent with the original look of the font, and forgivable given their loyalty and repeated use of the font.

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