Valdemar and Abaddon on Brian Lumley eBook Covers

Since specialty publisher Subterranean Press has taken over design and publication of new editions of Brian Lumley’s older novels and first releases of his new novels, the quality of art and design has increased, including the addition of new titles which feature our fonts on many of Lumley’s books.

Brian Lumley is best known for his series of Necroscope novels in which powerful supernatural savant Harry Keogh fights the race of interplanetary vampires called the Wamphyri.  The series became hugely successful in the late 1980s and took Lumley from being a cult figure in the circles of H. P. Lovecraft fandom to being an international bestselling author.  Lumley’s most recent releases include a new series of Necroscope novels plus several collections of outstanding short stories.  These books combine supernatural horror with a writing style reminiscent of the taut adventures of writers like Ian Fleming.

The new series of Necroscope novels feature our Abaddon font on their covers, with two books now in print, The Mobius Murders and The Plague Bearers.  The short story collections have our Valdemar font on their covers, including on A Coven of Vampires and The Taint and Other Novellas.

Subterranean Press has been expanding their stable of authors with some of the best writers of fantastic fiction in their stable, including Jim Buther, Joe Lansdale, Neil Gaiman, Robern McCammon and Charles De Lint.

The links to the right are to the Kindle eBook editions of these great new Lumley books, each of which sells at a very reasonable price of about $3.  A great price for some very good books.

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