Under Construction Sale

underconstructionFor the next few days – maybe as much as a week – our site will be undergoing a fairly radical transformation as we implement an entirely new theme with new features and a radically different look.

This may inconvenience you with the occasional downtime or bizarre disappearance or radical reconfiguration of certain sections of the site.  A lot of work is necessary in order to update and fine tune certain features.

A lot of work has already taken place behind the scenes, but implementing the new structure requires adding a lot of customized content and that will take time. We think the results will be worth a little wait and a but of inconvenience.

The rewards should be more immediate so it seemed particularly appropriate to offer a discount on our Constructivist Fonts while we’re under construction. To get $10 off the package just use the coupon code RABOTI on checkout.

And if you keep checking the site, pretty soon you’ll find it miraculously transformed.

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