Now International: Buccaneer and Scurlock

As part of a new project for one of our clients in the video game industry we now have available fully expanded character sets for two of our most popular fonts – Buccaneer and Scurlock.

These new versions of the font include the traditional Latin character set used for English and other standard characters for Western European languages, plus they now also include complete character sets for Eastern European languages including Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian and Turkish and also custom versions of the fonts with newly designed Cyrillic alphabet characters so they can be used in Russian and related languages.

The two fonts are customized for the unique keyboard layouts for these languages and come in two separate font files, one for Eastern European languages and a separate font just for Russian Cyrillic. Only the Cyrillic versions are shown here because the other languages consist mostly of lots and lots of additional custom accented versions of the Latin characters.

These conversions are similar to those which we did for Brandywine and Folkard last year and those new versions have been quite popular because of the limited number of unusual and more stylized fonts available for these languages.


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