Two New Initials Fonts by Delamotte

delamotte2Freeman Delamotte (not to be confused with the late 19th century footballer of the same name) was a design historian of the mid-19th century who was second only to his contemporary Owen Jones in his ability to recreate historical lettering and to create new lettering in traditional historical styles.

We recently acquired a significant library of Delamotte’s works, including bound versions of his chapbooks published by Crosby Lockwood and Son which were originally published in paperback form and very nicely rebound by prisoners in H. M. Prison Nottingham, and thus quite well preserved. These include his Modern Alphabets, Medieval Alphabets and Primer of Illumination.

delamotte1As is our way we are gradually working through these books and digitizing the best of the designs as fonts. Saxon Initials is one example and now we have two more to add to the collection, unimaginatively named Dalamotte Initials One and Delamotte Initials Two. They are creative reimaginings of Medieval illuminated alphabets, oddly included in his book Modern Alphabets. Like other initials alphabets these only have upper case characters, but they have outstanding detail. As you might imagine we will be coming out with a Delamotte collection in the undefined future.

Both fonts are available for purchase from our ordering site at: DELAMOTTE INITIALS ONE and DELAMOTTE INITIALS TWO.

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