Twenty-Four New Fonts of 2016


Every year we release a number of new fonts, and at the start of the next year we collect them all together and release them as a collection at a great discount price.

2016 was an extraordinarily productive year, with a total of 24 new fonts released, including some really memorable original designs and unique revivals.  It’s actually 27 fonts if you count the 4 versions of Elizabethan Script.

These fonts represent a wide variety of styles derived from all sorts of different inspirations. There are fonts based on classic calligraphy like Zadkiel and Voysey and Elizabethan Script, revivals of antique type like Soiree, Tzaphkiel and Belsize, fonts based on samples of Art Deco and Constructivist lettering like Rounders, Wendingen and Zeitschrift, decorative initials like Wildflower Initials, Primrose Initials, Figurative Initials and Saxon Initials, and much more including orginal designs, art fonts and unusual oddity fonts.

If you missed any of these fonts you can see them sampled here with links to buy them, or you can take advantage of a special offer to buy all of these fonts in a single package at a substantial discount. You can get all 20 fonts for just $99 – that’s a $500 value if purchased separately – or you can get them in combination with a one-year FontClub subscription starting in 2017 for just $139.

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