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It seems sort of counterintuitive to view fonts and graphics on a smartphone, but if we’re doing this site right, there’s a lot more to the content than just the fonts and images you download. It ought to be a good read and a useful reference source as well. Plus smartphone apps are all the rage and I like the idea of having one for reference for myself.

So, using the system available from WidgetBox, I created a simple App based on the primary content of this site, linked to the RSS feed so that it gets updated as the site changes, and exported it as an App. They provide convenient links to various methods to get it onto peoples phones, and it comes in both iPhone and Android versions. Developing the App required the creation of three simple custom images — an icon, an entry screen and a header — and the whole job took about an hour. Right now this is just a starting points. There are a lot of shortcomings to making an App this way. Links inside the articles don’t work right and not all graphics come through the way they should. But it’s a start and down the road we’ll work on replacing it with a more substantive and full-featured alternative.

If you want to try the App out, use the link below. I’m not convinced that the web based option works. The most effective way to get it is by SMS.


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