Top Hits Font Sale

top10As we did last year, we have compiled figures on font sales through all of our outlets and here are the results for our best selling fonts for the year.  Three fonts from last year made it in – Scurlock, Captain Kidd and last year’s top seller Albemarle.

If you have confidence in the judgment of others, then you should take a look at these fonts.  And if you like them we’re offering a special discount of 40% off on some or all of just these fonts for the next two weeks.  Just use the coupon code TOPHITS on checkout in our ONLINE STORE.

#1: Allegheny

#2: Startling Stories

#3: Captain Kidd

#4: Scurlock

#5: Albemarle

#6: Tantalus

#7: Roughwork

#8: Mannering

#9: Pyle Gothic

#10: Malagua

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