The Poster Art of Mig Kokinda

A few years ago I came across some really interesting poster art by Mig Kokinda at Flatstock during SXSW. He’s more known locally in the Austin and San Antonio area for his work as a tattoo artist (currently working at Electric13 in Austin), but his poster art is extraordinary and you can hang it on a wall and enjoy it with no pain involved.

What sets Kokinda apart from other poster artists is his choice of media. He works with stencils and spray paint. He makes multiple stencils (one for each color) and sprays the color on the paper in multiple layers. This makes his work interesting because every piece is unique and production runs are inherently limited as the stencils degenerate and get clogged up. His combination of tattoo and street art styles is unique and his posters are rich in color, detail and variation and many are slyly humorous. He uses a lot of unusual lettering styles and incorporates text in the images creatively which is always a plus for me.

From talking with him at Flatstock a few years ago I got the impression that creating posters by this method is quite time consuming, which may explain why his output is relatively low, especially in recent years. I’m really curious if there are other poster artists using this method because it is fascinating.

Fortunately for collectors he has a website with all of his currently in print posters available for order and at prices which are pretty decent ($30-$80). I have a couple of them and plan to get more.  Later today I plan to stop by Electric13 to see if they have any on sale directly.

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