The Illiad – Illustrated by W. Heath Robinson

W. Heath Robinson was one of the most popular and successful illustrators of the late 19th and early 20th century, known for his ability to draw and paint in distinctly different styles and for his unique drawings of complex fantastical machinery and for his topical cartoons.

We have recently started actively adding Robinson works to our library (we also have some excellent collections of his brother Charles’ work in the hopper), and in the course of our acquisition of small-format books of children’s stories from the Tales from Children of Many Lands series from J. M. Dent we were lucky enough to aquire a rare copy of his illustrated Illiad which includes eight excellent illustrations in the same kind of simple style as our previous collections from that series illustrated by Katherine Cameron.

The images in this mini-collection are in a style which is reminiscent of the pre-raphaelite artists of the mid-19th century. The images are great, but there are only 8 of them, so the package is available for just $5 for an inexpensive taste of Robinson’s work. You can order it online from our site at: ONLINE STORE.

This is our great companion to our collection of Robinson’s illustrations to Chaucer.

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