The Golden Book of Famous Women

Eleanor Fortesque Brickdale was one of the outstanding illustrators of the later Victorian era, even though she is not as well known as some of her male contemporaries. She was strongly influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites like Waterhouse and Millais, and studied with Lord Leighton. Her work also shows the influence of the Art Nouveau period and even the Impressionists, but it remains unique in its combination of modern and classical elements and its extraordinary technical excellence.

Brickdale often illustrated themes from history, literature and Catholic hagiography.  Her illustrations often feature single female figures surrounded by lush natural foliage. We have a great collection of her work in our Brickdale Package.

Our newest release is a supplement to that package, a collection of great images from Brickdale’s illustrated edition of The Golden Book of Famous Women.  The book consists of literary excerpts of stories and poetry, with illustrations of the female protagonists, including some from legend and some from history, like Guenivere, Joan of Arc and Titania.  The mini-package includes 16 high-resolution, vividly colored images.  You can see samples in the gallery below.

The easiest way to get this mini-package is to order it online. It’s just $20. To order online and download it immediately, just CLICK HERE .

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