The Fonts of Spiderwick

Spiderwick Chronicles movie opening this weekend a lot of people are out looking for the evocative fantasy-style fonts used in the movie and in the books. I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that almost all of the fonts used in both the original books, the movie and the books based on the movie are from the Scriptorium.

In the original books the interior illustrations by Tony DiTerlizzi include lettering done in our Rackham font and captions done in Caswallon. Several other fonts are also used for titles, and while they don’t appear to be our fonts, they are very similar to fonts in our Arts and Crafts collection, including Adresack and Palmyra. Some of the books also feature a font very similar to a widened version of our Rosemont font on the covers.

One place where our fonts did not appear on the original books was in the main cover title, which was done with some neat and quirky hand lettering. It seems a strange choice – I’m not complaining – but they replaced that title with a new title design based on our Summerisle font for the movie and for the movie-based versions of the books and merchandising. They also feature the font on their website for the text of review quotes. The movie related products also use our Guilford and Queensland fonts for secondary titles in places where the original books used a generic Arts and Crafts style font or Caswallon. The Rackham font also appears as the caption font on the bookstore shelf displays for new Spiderwick products.

So if you like the arts and craftsy look of Spiderwick, you need look no further for resources to recreate it, since you’re at the source.

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