<i>English Fairy Tale</i> Illustrations by Herbert Cole

English Fairy Tale Illustrations by Herbert Cole

In the late 19th and early 20th century there was a boom in the popularity of English folklore, particularly in the form of meticulously researched books collecting old stories and preserving them for a modern audience. This included stories from early written sources, chronicles and an oral tradition which was in danger of dying out. Fairy stories, Celtic myths and …

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Walter Crane Arthurian Art Package

The release of our long-awaited Arthurian Fonts and Art Package is just around the corner and we’re adding new content all the time. The fonts are holding it up, but the phenomenal assortment of art is well developed, and as we work, we’re releasing some mini-packages of Arthurian art by artists like Herbert Cole and Katherine Cameron and Dora Curtis. …

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