Walter Crane’s <i>The Golden Primer</i>

Walter Crane’s The Golden Primer

Illustrated books teaching young children how to read were a staple of 19th century education, and Walter Crane was famous for his alphabet books as well as books like The Golden Primer which were designed to teach vocabulary to slightly older children through the use of rhymes and images. The Golden Primer is one of Crane’s harder to find works. …

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Letterpress Printing I: Project Research

I have a commission to do an event poster for a festival coming up this fall. Rather than do the obvious and design it on the computer and then print it by any of the obvious high-tech methods, I thought I would look into what it would take to set up a homemade letterpress printing press and print the posters …

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Using Flash Fonts on the Web

I wrote recently about the set of Web Fonts we had designed a few years ago. As noted in that article one of the major shortcomings of that solution to web typesetting is that the end user has to have the fonts installed on his sysem for it to work. Giving the fonts away for free is an awkward answer …

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