Stop CISA Design

stopcisa2From time to time I get to do some creative design work for political causes, especially in opposition to efforts to expand cybersurveillance and give the NSA access to your personal information on the internet.

This week is the drive to stop CISA, which would make Facebook, Google and even your ISP accomplices in these intrusive government efforts.  It’s a cool retro campaign to fax congressmen to make them pay attention to privacy concerns, at

To go with the retro theme I put together a throwback promotion graphic as my contribution to a worthy cause. As with previous designs, for this effort I drew on the designs of Alexander Rodchenko to produce the promotional image on the right.  I used as my inspiration two posters, one for the Moscow exhibit at the 1925 Paris Exposition and the other for a Russian movie, both shown below.

The design also draws on fonts from our Constructivist Fonts collection, using Eisenstein and Structura for the lettering.  The project had to be done on deadline, or I would have designed a font to match the lettering in these posters exactly, which I will still probably develop later to add to the Constructivist set.


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