Spiral Initials Font

It’s St. Patrick’s day and with all our Celtic Fonts, when it came time to dig up a classic font to present for this week the obvious choice was to look to our large catalog of Celtica. So the best choice was obviously one of several celtic fonts which aren’t yet in any of the packages, Spiral Initials. It’s an origianl design which combines a bold celtic lettering with classic celtic spiral motifs. As demonstrated in the sample, it’s ideally suited to adding color to the initials. Although Spiral Initials is not in one of our current celtic packages it’s in a forthcoming third celtic collection which is in development.

You can download and try the demo version of Spiral Initials in TrueType format for Mac or PC. The full version of the font is available from our ordering site.

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2 comments on “Spiral Initials Font

  1. jim waters

    Beautiful! Thanks, Dave.

    How did you do the bicolored version?

    best wishes —

  2. Dave

    If you notice the way the font is designed the actual letter forms are overlayed with a clear outline around them which offsets them from the background spiral, specifically to make a two-color effect easy. In Photoshop or an equivalent program you just pick a color and click on the letter with the paintbucket and presto.


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