St. Nicholas Font Featured in Krampus

krampusmovie2 krampusmovie3Our St. Nicholas font really gets around.  In 2011 it was on The Daily Show and in 2010 it was on Saturday Night Live. But by far the most exciting use we’ve seen of it to date is its use in the title of the upcoming holiday horror movie Krampus, which is opening on December 4th.  St. Nicholas is a major feature in all the advertising for the film, and in a custom modified version you can see it in the main logo title.

stnicholasmfI’ve always been fascinated by the story of Krampus, a sort of demonic anti-Santa Santa Claus who brings coal to bad children at Christmas, and I’ve been looking forward to the movie for a while, but I was certainly pleasantly surprised to see my font so strongly associated with it. For the movie title they have modified the base font a little, with horns on the “M” and icicles here and there, but it’s clearly St. Nicholas.

At this time of year it doesn’t hurt to give St. Nicholas a little plug. It seems to be emerging as the font of the holiday season and that’s something to be proud of. It’s an excellent font for Christmas card design and that season is now upon us. It’s also included in our Holiday Fonts and Art package and of course you can get St. Nicholas as a single font too.

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