Special Item: Walter Crane Collection Flash Drive

waltercraneFor TypeCon we produced a special collection of Walter Crane Fonts and Art on a Flash Drive shaped like a business card. We have some of these left over after the event and nothing to do with them except sell them as a special item on our web page.

The package contains five original Walter Crane fonts, including one new font that is only available in this package. It also includes all the images from our various Crane packages we’ve released through our site, which can be viewed HERE.  That’s a total of hundreds of high resolution images, totaling over 2gb. It’s a great deal at a very special price.

The package is a neat novelty item and as long as they last we have them available for only $29.00.  Of course, you have to order for physical delivery. We can’t deliver online, it’s got to get there the old fashioned way. To get the package just ORDER ONLINE.

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