Special Font Release: Posada Spur

I was watching the television show Sons of Anarchy and on looking at the logo for the show I was struck by the similarity between the lettering used for the name of the titular motorcycle gang and our Posada font. Clearly their lettering derived from that same neo-gothic southwestern tradition. The main difference was that the Sons of Anarchy font has spurs on it and the outlines of the Posada font are smooth. That seemed like an obvious feature to make available to fans of the Posada font, so a little bit of work produced the new Posada Spur font, which adds spurs to the basic Posada design and also includes a useful outline version of the basic character set as a bonus.

You can get Posada Spur by itself for just $18 from our ONLINE STORE or you can “>order it in a combo package with the basic Posada font for just $29.


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