Demosthenes Font

Back in the 1970s my IBM Selectric Typewriter had a great font specifically designed for high readability when typing scripts and speeches called Orator. It has gone the way of most typewriter fonts, but we recently had a client who wanted something similar for producing scripts to feed to a teleprompter, so we took on the job of recreating that sort of font with some changes to address a few of the shortcomings of the original.

The result is Demosthenes, a very open sans serif, monospaced font with clean lines of uniform weight and a combination of large and small caps for high readability. It’s a very specialized font, but if you’re writing a script or cue cards or subtitles for use on screen it’s just the ticket. The name comes from the legendary Athenian orator.

Since it’s so specialized we’re not releasing it as a regular featured new font and we’re keeping the price low. It’s just $15 for Mac or PC in OpenType and TrueType format and you can order it from our ONLINE STORE.

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