Special Font: Art Deco Borders

We released the Art Deco Borders font as a special Font Club bonus font in 2009 and then somehow forgot to ever release it for purchase as a single font to the general market. A terrible oversight because it’s such an excellent font with a unique Art Deco look and a nice variety of border elements which can be combined to make many interesting designs. Like our other border fonts it includes horizontal and vertical elements, corners and custom emblemsYou can ORDER Art Deco Borders font for just $24 and download it right away.


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2 comments on “Special Font: Art Deco Borders

  1. Joe

    That is unique art deco border, I have compared to many art deco border website and this is the unique one that i like it.

  2. Did you get some of your thoughts from here (similar ideas): [Link deleted]

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