Sketchy – A New Graffiti Font





As you can see from the accompanying graphic, which is a weird collage of burlesque kitsch and paranoid constructivism, Sketchy is a pretty unusual font. It is based on hand lettered graffiti samples from the 1980s, just the kind of thing you would find in xeroxed collage-style punk-rock club posters.

Sketchyhas includes a full upper and lower case character, numbers and punctuation and some special characters, plus it comes in both a bold and a regular weight. Interestingly it is more or less aligned to the top axis of the characters rather than the bottom axis as is more typical. It also works best when you do the extra work to move some of the caracters around to make them fit better, as in the top application of the font in the accompanying image.

There is no demo version of Sketchy, but you can ORDER the full version online for only $29.


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