Site Redesign Update Part 2

newsidebarEarlier this week we began exploring the new site features.   Let’s continue with a look at the features of our new sidebar.

In addition to frontloading a lot of content, some of the key material is available in the redesigned sidebar.  The most significant addition to the sidebar is the incorporation of our TypeShow tool directly into the main page.  Previously it had to be accessed as a separate page, but now you can type any text you like, select the font you want to see it in and view it right on the main page.  We had to limit the length of the previews to 40 characters, even with the wider sidebar, but that should be enough to get a feel for any font.

The biggest challenge for us was deciding what font to use for the default preview.  Right now we have it set to Hamilton, but we’re considering several other recent fonts that are visually appealing. Let us know your preference in the poll below.

[merlic_poll id=”8451″]

Further down the sidebar we have a search link where you can search all our products. This is probably only temporary. It works but the implementation is less than ideal. Then we have a section of selected products listed in a random order from key categories. Because we have so many products this is a way to bring new products forward so you can discover them.

Explore these features and keep and eye out for detailed information on more new features coming up soon. If you spot anything which looks strange or have any suggestions or questions about how things work, post them here.

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